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Warm. Soft. Odor-resistant Merino Wool

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In 1995, Peter Blake, champion of the world ocean race, was dressed in merino wool clothes. He made a voyage around the world in 43 days. He spent 43 days on international voyage. He had no showers and didn't do the laundry. Eventually, no smell on the clothes and no itchy on the body.

Better for the nature

Committed to sustainability from the ground up. Reduce the use of polyester fiber clothing. Because we think living should help clean up our nature.

The T-shirt performed very well on an overnight backpacking trip. It regulated heat nicely, and did well in rain. The odor resistant properties are so nice for backpacking, and everyday too.
— Hanson
This is literally my every day Base layer right now. Never stinks. Doesn’t stretch out as much as other merino Base layers I have. Super soft and
comfy. That being said, I live in the south and it isn’t very cold here. This is the thin version. I would buy the thicker version if you want to have this as the only base layer that you are wearing.
— Mistro
Love these!! I bought the 260g mid weight for a camping trip in utah. The coldest night was 35 degrees. While I had on fleece pajamas over these they kept me sweltering warm! They are still see through and I was skeptical by the thin material at first, but they do what they are intended which is to keep you warm. They also don’t hold any odors and I wore these to bed 3 nights in a row.
— A. Ruth
I looked everywhere for merino wool under layer that I can wear on a bikepacking trip. I'd heard it's the way to go because wool keeps you warm even if wet, cleans fairly easily and does not trap odors as much as cotton or polyester materials. After a very long time of looking, I found this to be the best value, with having both the top and bottom.
— Keith Bear-oh
Love everything about these wool insulated underwear and socks! Use to stay warm. Comes with bag to wash them in! Totally thrilled with these!
— Lad
Naturwool Merino

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The natural ability of merino fibres to absord and release moisture helps to keep your nature wool odour-free.

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